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Web-based Customer Registration System
Client Multi-National Publishing Company

Contacts CIO and Director of IS for Business Solutions

Critical Issue Client needed to port a legacy client-server registration system to a web-based technology, making it accessible to customers over the internet as well as internal users in a browser-based environment.

Reasons When subscribers and other interested parties wanted to register for a tradeshow being produced by client, the existing system required manual inputting of data by a client employee, either over the phone or in a registration booth on-site.  A crude static web page was developed for each of the ten different show groups, but there was no ability to dynamically capture any demographic information, and the data was output to a text file for batch updating into the system.

Vision Client believed they could significantly reduce manual intervention in the registration process, as well as provide a better, faster registration experience for the customer.  By implementing a dynamic, web-based registration over the internet, our Client could capture all necessary registration information, as well as dynamically collecting demographic information unique to each of the ten internal trade show groups.  Further, this data would be directly interfacing with the database for immediate capture of the data and eliminating batch processing procedures and resources.

Solution Annams Systems was initially chosen over two other System Integrators to become an IT partner to the Client.  Based on our successes with applications within the Client organization, we were asked to port the code and develop the new system:
  • Java code was developed to run on Dynamo Application Server.
  • Demographic questions and other required registration information are now stored in the database and are dynamically formatted to the customer web page depending on the trade show group.
  • jhtml pages were delivered to customers who logged on over the internet.
  • Internal users may access the system over the intranet, or can continue to use the legacy system for additional processes.
  • Only minor changes to the database were required for integrating the new interface.
Results Application was delivered on schedule and well within original budget.  Customers now can access a registration button on the general web page, which delivers them to this registration system, which maintains a consistent look and feel.  There is a considerable reduction in resources needed to process telephone registrations, and reduced registration staff required on-site.  In addition, customers save time and enjoy a more positive experience with our Client.

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