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Subscriber Data Mart
Client A corporate holding company for regional Cable TV franchises. The corporate Controller was driving the business requirements for a solution.

Critical Issue Client could not do any ad-hoc reporting from its customer records, nor could they do any analytical processing for business intelligence. The company was privately-held and required up-to-the-minute information on the state of their business in order to maximize market value for its shareholders and investors.

Reasons The Client outsourced its billed and administration functions to a large data processing company. Standard reports were provided the company, but generally the information was 30-45 days old. Customized reports could be ordered, but they too took several weeks to generate and again the data was from a prior period.

Vision The Client believed they could improve their operational performance in two areas: marketing and corporate financial management. If the company had ad-hoc access to their customer and billing data, they could analyze each individual regional market for customer buying habits and for financial metrics in a near real-time environment, enabling them to make accurate business decisions and gain competitive advantage.

Solution Annams designed and built a Business Intelligence System for the client including a data mart, analytical tools, and customized reports that could be run on an ad-hoc basis.
  • A subscriber Data Mart was designed and developed to run on an NT Server in the Client's corporate offices.
  • Middleware was customized to facilitate transfer of data from the billing application on a mainframe computer in the outsourcer's data center.

Customized reports were written so that the Client could run them off of the Data Mart whenever they required.

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