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Operational Data Store for Network Management
Client Leading Broadband Provider

Contacts VP Network Development and VP IT Operations

Critical Issue Network expansion and augment process was characterized by a series of data islands that were unified through program management rather than systems. Redundant and inconsistent information led to high costs of doing business.

Reasons Client had many heterogeneous systems and applications and there wasn’t a streamlined exchange of data between these applications/systems. Furthermore, data was being duplicated among different departments.

Vision Client believed that they could significantly reduce their problems by maintaining all network expansion information in a common data repository. This would enable seamless and integrated workflows among the various organizations that handle different aspects of the business.

Solution Annams was chosen to design and build an Operational Data Store (ODS).
  • Developed a normalized data model for the system. Annams chose Oracle as the database.
  •  Built an interface with MapInfo database for selecting target central offices.
  •  Built network expansion tracking functionality based on user-defined date milestones and descriptors. The ODS allowed each group to maintain their own set of date milestones and descriptors, however they were also able to see the information entered in the repository by others.
  •  Built and designed a majority of the programs using Oracle Developer 2000, Designer 2000 and PL/SQL.
Results Client reduced the cost of operations significantly. The ODS tied functional areas together, eliminated hand-offs as well as standardized reporting. The ODS became the system of record for Client’s network assets.
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