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Kiosk for an e-Retailer
Client Major “click and mortar” e-tailer

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Critical Issue The client’s brick-and-mortar parent company needed to replace proprietary order systems in their stores for special ordering hard-to-stock or out-of-stock items, along with increasing customer satisfaction by allowing the opportunity for self-service of out-of-stock items.

Reasons The parent company needed in-store kiosks to provide automated services such as enabling customers to order out-of-stock items, delivering targeted promotions, and suggesting potentially interesting products to customers.  The client wanted the kiosks to drive sales through its own corporate entity.  In addition, the demographics between the store shopper and the on-line shoppers were significantly different, and the Client wanted an effective way to bridge that gap and increase sales in both demographics.

Vision The parent company knew that leveraging their existing web infrastructure was the right way to maximize their investment in eCommerce.  The client’s e-commerce platform already handled many of the needs of the kiosks.  In addition, it gave consumers access to three times the items that were normally stocked in the store location.

Solution Annams rapidly engaged the Client to understand the problem and the proposed kiosk design.  We used our experience in ATG DAS to make additional pipeline stages to differentiate kiosk versus normal Internet users.  Since many different people could use an individual kiosk in the span of a single session, we identified areas where cached information had to be flushed.  Finally, a special format was developed whereby the client’s website could control the kiosk through the HTML stream.

Results The kiosks have proven to be a major solution to the problem of reduced manpower, both in terms of customer services and stocking shelves.  The kiosks also improve their ability to market to different demographic groups.  In addition, customers may now order from a much wider selection of merchandise without needed dedicated customer service personnel.  Future plans include using the terminals to launch special promotions, like coupon and rewards programs, and to influence purchasing decisions, like guiding shoppers to certain brands.

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