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Data Warehouse for Healthcare Industry
Client One of the largest physicians medical groups in California

Contacts Vice president of Information Services, Manager of Applications Development and Controller

Critical Issue Critical business management data was contained in several unrelated and disconnected databases, both internally managed and from external sources.  Client was unable to view the data from an integrated viewpoint.

Reasons The Physicians’ Profile Systems and the Credentialing Information were kept in two separate MS-Access databases.  Claims information was contained in an off-the-shelf system running on MUMPS.  The patient eligibility information and all of the current rate information was contained in flat files received from PPOs.  Hospitalization, Pharmacy data and Laboratory data were all received from external feeds.

Vision Client believed they should implement an industrial strength database that could provide an integrated view of all of the data.  This would provide improved customer service and enable them to report on all of the data from a single source.   Further, this database would also provide the foundation from which custom applications could be developed more quickly and easily. This would resolve customer service issues related to the current state of disparate information systems.

Solution Annams Systems was chosen to resolve this issue after two previous attempts failed - one internally staffed and the other contracted to an outside organization.  Annams quickly developed both short-term and long-term strategies to solve the Client’s needs including the following components:
  • An enterprise Data Model was defined and developed.  Annams recommended Oracle as the database technology, which was then used to build the Data Warehouse strategy.
  • Within the overall Data Warehouse, individual Data Marts were specified and designed for each of the major data islands: Physician Profiles, Physician Credentialing, Claims, Patient Eligibility, Rates, Hospitalization, Pharmacy and Laboratory.
  • An Operational Data Store was designed and a custom application developed to handle customer/patient inquiries.
  • OLAP analysis tools were deployed and configured against the Data Warehouse and the individual Data Marts, providing improved business management practices.
  • The main reporting systems were web-enabled for easy, comprehensive physician access.
  • Custom application development is ongoing, both within the specific disciplines and  enterprise-wide.
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