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Enterprise Data Mart
Client A consortium of three Regional Bell Operating Companies.

Contact Director of Database Management

Critical Issue Our Client required sophisticated systems to broadcast consumer entertainment products to customers over MMDS technology, and manage all of their customer services including billing, marketing, help desk, and product delivery. Yet they wanted to maintain a data model throughout all systems that would enable disparate systems to look and feel like a completely seamless set of applications.

Reasons The consortium organized and funded a start-up venture to deliver video, broadcast media, and other services using new technologies. As a stand-alone organization, new systems were required to manage all aspects of the business, and provide management reports to the investors.

Vision The client envisioned an enterprise data model upon which all systems would be based, including the video server, billing systems, marketing systems, customer relationship management, and help desk. The enterprise data model could then spawn an Operational Data Store and a Data Warehouse for business analysis.

Solution Annams was selected to perform high-level management responsibilities and database consulting, including:
  • Modeling and logical design of the Enterprise Data Model, which included five physical database schemas.
  • On behalf of our Client, interface with multiple outsourcing organizations to insure compliance with Enterprise Data Model in all custom applications, including billing systems, help-desk, and marketing system.
  • Design of an Operational Data Store for use as a data broker (between applications) and as a reporting database.
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