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Critical Issue Client needed a software solution that would bill their customers based on transactions.
They also required a cross-platform solution to deploy to other Exchanges that could be running different Database Management Systems and ERP Applications.

Reasons Their existing back-of-the-envelope system for generating invoices was not scaleable with their growth plans.  The business rules were not well documented and the data resided in various systems and databases. In addition, there wasn’t any way for buyers and sellers to edit their contracts without human intervention on the part of the client.

Vision Client believed that they should implement an application that would automate the billing process.  The application would have to work without modifying the existing software and the business rules would have to be implemented using a cross-platform technology.  Client also realized that the administration client could be accessed from anywhere on the Internet therefore, the client had to be thin.

Solution Annams Systems analyzed the various databases and systems that were involved in the billing process. Recommendations were made regarding:
  • Data purification of the disparate systems, formalizing the business rules of invoice generation.
  • Design of a rich administration tool using Java Swing.
  • Deliverables for documentation and modules as well as delivery dates.
After the implementation phase, a Java-based Billing System was developed.

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