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Guarantee the progress of your software development project  

Have you undertaken a software development project that may or may not have gone as you anticipated? What have you learned from this project and did you get your money’s worth? It is our experience that a small investment in a Project Assessment Study provides valuable lessons and offers a complete assessment of your development efforts.

Project Assessment

Duration: 5 days

Cost: $6,000


  1. Review goals and deliverables with executive sponsors
  2. Establish project domain by identifying relevant business areas
  3. Prepare list of key personnel to be interviewed
  4. Establish project priorities, constraints, assumptions and success measures
  5. Review the business requirements, architecture, design, coding standards, testing standards, implementation plan and project management policies
  6. Provide an objective assessment of how the project phases were executed
  7. Make recommendations for any improvements or enhancements to the process
  8. Document and present findings to executive sponsors

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