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With a pre-defined set of proven business practices, Annams' Database Migration Services dramatically reduce the complexity, time, and cost associated with moving to a better technology platform--with the security of knowing that your systems have been accurately migrated. In a market where speed and efficiency are the ultimate competitive advantage, Oracle9i Database Migration Services are simply the best investment an organization can make. Oracle9i Database Migration Services are based on Oracle's industry-leading database and development tools. We offer limited and full-service migration services as well as pre-migration studies.

Database Migration Study

The purpose of the Technical Evaluation is to conduct a technical analysis of the conversion project in order to provided a detailed conversion plan. Annams follows a prescribed methodology for database migrations and conversions available upon request.

Duration: 5 days

Cost: $6,000


The following tasks will be accomplished during the Technical Evaluation. As a result of the Conversion Study Evaluation, the project sponsors will be presented a conversion plan that will contain the following Sections:

  1. Requirements Analysis

    Application Grouping and Analysis

    Archival Data Analysis

    System Scripts and Batch Jobs Analysis

    Network, Hardware and Software Need Assessment

    Application Impact Analysis

    Documents' Update Recommendations

    Time and Cost Estimates for Implementation

  2. Back-out Needs and Parallel Application Run Analysis

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