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Companies looking to increase their competitive advantage in the marketplace are increasingly deploying integrated, comprehensive Business Intelligence Systems. By accessing only the data you want, from all of the available data within your organization, companies are able to spot trends within your business or customer base, and proactively pinpoint opportunities for growth, expansion, and improved efficiency and profits.

Annams Systems helps your organization by delivering the best solution for your short-term objectives, while providing a framework for your long-term needs and requirements. Annams has built multiple Data Warehouses using Oracle technology, specifically Oracle Data Warehouse Builder and is committed to offering our customers end-to-end Oracle solutions.

Annams Implementation Approach:
  • Strategy Study
    Evaluate the need for a data warehouse and forecast the return on investment.

  • Requirements Analysis
    Analyze the client's requirements.

  • Technical Evaluation
    Strategize technical aspects of project.

  • Database Design
    Design of the database using star or normalized schema.

  • Data Extract Process Design and Build
    Extract and populate data.

  • Verification, Validation and Certification
    Verify and clean data, and develop acceptance plan.

  • Design and Build of Operational Infrastructure
    Layout administrative and operational procedures.

  • End-User Reporting Services
    Develop custom reports.

  • Testing
    Unit, integration and user-level testing.

  • Deployment Plan
    Deployment plan for putting the system into production.
Annams partners with you to plan a phased approach to put the power of your critical business information to work throughout your enterprise, including helping you understand where to use Data Warehouses, Data Marts, and Operational Data Stores. Putting the right tools into the hands of your end users is a key component to turning your data into powerful information, and Annams provides the expertise to ensure your enterprise is equipped to seize the advantage your Business Intelligence system is providing. We can partner with you on a complete deployment, or compliment your internal resources by providing expertise on key portions of the overall project.


Annams maintains certifications and alliances with the industry's leading tools and technology vendors to provide the most effective solution for your company's needs. In addition to being an Oracle Business Alliance Partner, Annams has relationships with Microstrategy, Oracle, Microsoft and numerous other entities.

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