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Our People  

Annams prides itself on both its management and technical personnel. Our reputation as a quality provider of IT expertise is a testimony to our capabilities.

  • Annams offers the very best IT professionals, with experience and expertise in technology and its applications, to solve business problems efficiently and cost-effectively. Annams professionals have been at the cutting edge of new computing technologies for over fifteen years. We have demonstrated command of technology by using it wisely and effectively. Annams attracts the best talent available by providing an environment where our people are supported to deliver quality systems within budget. Annams’ consultants have excellent technical and communication skills and we carefully match their skills to individual projects. Annams professional teams bring the best minds in both business and technology along with a vision that integrates both aspects for the overall competitive excellence of the enterprise.
  • Annams remains in constant communication with the client throughout an engagement to ensure that the client’s goals are achieved.
We can perform quality work on projects with aggressive time frames as well as supply suitable consulting expertise at the appropriate time during a project life cycle. Annams' team of highly-skilled, field-experienced professionals are experienced in a wide range databases and application development tools for deploying business intelligence systems and custom applications in either a web-enabled environment or a more traditional network.




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