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The Annams Advantage  

Since 1992, Annams has provided consulting services for a wide range of customers. Our customers include Fortune 100 and mid-market companies as well as dot coms. Click here to view a list of our customers.

Our Philosophy

Annams believes that a problem precisely defined is a problem half-solved. Consequently, on every engagement, we ensure that the following aspects of the project are well defined:
  • Business objectives of the project. Client expectations regarding deliverables.
  • Roles and responsibilities of all participants.
Annams is uniquely positioned to facilitate its clients' transformation to an information-driven organization. We enable the transition from jargon, theories, disparate tools, platform selections, packages, and networks to practical applications and processes that enable our clients to gain a competitive advantage. After all, the solutions we develop with our clients solve real issues for real organizations, making them more efficient, more effective, and more capable of leading their marketplace. We win the respect of our clients by methodically planning each engagement in order to insure the following benefits:
  • Maximizing the quality of application systems. Accelerating the development life cycle. Reducing the cost of development. Ensuring integration of new systems into existing environments. Marrying technology to strategy, manageability and profitability for the entire enterprise. Identifying the organizational changes needed to exploit the potential of technology.
  • Optimizing the application of technology to achieve maximum competitive advantage and return on investment.
Annams helps you realize your vision for the future, while maintaining a focus on reality.




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